Microsoft Word 2013 15.0.5085.1000

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Microsoft Word 2013 15.0.5085.1000
Microsoft Word 2013 15.0.4517.1509

Word 2013 is the latest version of the word-processing program associated with Microsoft Office. Word 2013 can be used in conjunction with other Microsoft programs or as a stand-alone product for producing a variety of documents for professional or personal use.

Some common professional uses for Microsoft Word are creating reports, checklists, business fliers, employment resumes and basic text documents. Users are able to create these and other types of documents with the many word-processing features and extensions incorporated into this program.

Word 2013 allows users to incorporate images into text documents for printed materials as well as image and video content for electronic documents. In either format, users are able to fully customize the look and feel of the document with text formatting, styles and themes. Additionally, Word documents may include tables, charts and graphs for a visual display of quantitative data.

Microsoft Word comes with a library of templates that allow users to make quick and easy modifications to professional looking documents for business or personal use. These templates include postcard layouts, greeting cards, invitations, certificates, sign-up sheets, calendars, and many others. Users can also search an online database of templates that further extends their design capabilities.

Once a document has been created, Word 2013 allows for collaboration with team members on a single project with the simple markup view. Users can make corrections, adjustments, or leave comments that will be visible to everyone on the project with access. This function allows for the immediate sharing of ideas relating to the document in question.

The 2013 version of Microsoft Word has incorporated a distraction-free reading layout that improved upon the readability of previous versions. While in Read Mode, users view documents in an electronic book-style format similar to popular e-readers. Microsoft Word 2013 has many attractive features such as those mentioned, as well as some challenging aspects for beginners.

Overall, Microsoft Word 2013 has improved upon previous versions of the Microsoft Word platform. The new features and updated design expands the functionality of Word 2013. The same upgrades that experienced users will enjoy may cause the beginner some difficulty. These early challenges, though, are well compensated when beginners move to other Microsoft Office programs, because the new design is consistent across all products in the Office 2013 Suite.


Advanced word processing functionally

Floating image and video integration

Collaborative applications

Distraction-free reading

Microsoft Office integration


Advanced features may be challenging for beginners

New design takes some getting used to for people accustomed to older versions

Microsoft word is a fairly cut-and-dry text editing program. It comes in a bundle known as Microsoft Office, but you can also purchase the program alone if you wish to do so. The Word program has been an industry standard for some time, as it can handle everything from simple note taking to full on novel writing.

Microsoft word also integrate a lot of key features, such as saving to a PDF file, email services through Outlook, and tons of templates to get you started. File sharing and compatibility is not a problem as large numbers of people use Microsoft Word for both business and personal reasons.

Microsoft word is not all about heavy duty business uses, either. It is perfect for school work, presentations, and even shopping lists. Word has the ability to incorporate diagrams, pictures and spreadsheets.

Microsoft word being bundled is a great thing too, as it can be used with and around the other programs provided, such as Powerpoint or Microsoft Office. Users can make slide shows or design presentations with relative ease.

Microsoft word is widely used so, there are many companies that provide guides and offer help for you when you get stuck. Its user-friendly interface helps many new learners get started with word processing relatively quickly.

The Good

Easy file sharing

No compatibility issues

Spelling and grammar checker

Bundle program or stand alone

Cost effective

Wide usage

Program integration

Regularly updated

The Bad

Slight relearning curve for updated versions

Can be buggy with various systems and cross platforms

Only trial versions, then full version must be bought

Does not open all file types available today

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